Friday, May 16, 2014

5 Tips to Maximise Space in Your Home

This is a guest post from Additions, specialist patio and deck builders in Brisbane.

Even if your home is small, there are ways to maximise and capitalise on the space available. Sometimes, creative, and insightful thinking, as well as the expert guidance of a specialist builder such as, will reveal effective ways to use the space in your home.

Think vertically

When we want to increase space in our homes, most of us think horizontally. This means, we look for features and pieces that are positioned on the floor.

A clever and effective way to maximise space and create more storage is to think vertically by using features like custom-built units, and floating shelves. With these features in place, the eye is drawn upwards while space is simultaneously saved.

Create and use multi-purpose spaces

There are many ways to use a space for a range of purposes. Many experts know that built in features (such as benches) rather than free-standing furniture enables greater flexibility and versatility in the way that a space is used. For example, a built-in bench may double as a day bed offering much needed and appreciated additional storage space.

Avoid walls and dividers

To maximise space in your home and create a sense of spaciousness, try to avoid walls and other dividers. The main drawback of walls and other features that divide up a space is that they can obscure light and impose visual limitations.

Instead, try to define the particular areas within a space with rugs, furniture and lighting. To do this effectively, choose pieces that sit above the floor so that the surface beneath the furniture can be seen.

Use d├ęcor and other art to make the room seem bigger than it is

To make a space seem larger than it actually is, there are some clever tricks to use. Drapery that hangs from floor to ceiling not only creates length through vertical lines but also gives the impression that the ceilings are higher than they are in reality.

The use of artwork and rugs that are oversized can deliver a sense of a space being bigger than it truly is. Large pieces serve as a focal point and will distract and draw attention away from the closeness of the walls of a room.

Because they reflect light within a room, mirrors provide a wonderful way to add depth and make a room brighter. When a mirror is positioned thoughtfully and in a clever way, an illusion can be created of the room extending further than it really does.

Consult a building professional

While there is a range of strategies that can be used to make a space seem bigger, a specialist, experienced and skilled builder is best positioned to provide expert guidance on effective ways to use and create space in your home. Professionals can provide you with examples of work they have previously done, and offer ways of maximising space that you may never have considered.

Many people crave more space in their homes and, with expert guidance and the use of some clever strategies, it is possible to maximise space and create a sense of spaciousness.