Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saviour Glass Screen Guardian Phone Protector Review

Mums and Dad! Here is a wicked product that might just be a must have if you have kids that always steal your mobile phones.

The Saviour Glass Screen Guardian.

This product is currently selling at Big W and is a fantastic way to protect your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

From my experience, the iPhones are an easily scratched/smashed phone.  I've lost count with the number of times we have replaced my wife's phone a with scratched or cracked screen.  Always dropping it, our son whacking it, putting it in the washing machine (yes, she actually did this once). So having an iPhone, in my opinion, a screen protector is a must have.

The Screen Guardian doesn't protect against washing machine idiocy, but it sure does protect scratches!

The guard isn't plastic.  It is described on the box as "9H anti-shatter and anti-scratch". Now, whether this is true or not is something above my knowledge, with a quick Google I found that 9H is also known as tempered glass.

Whatever it is, it is a layer that you can place on top of your phone that fits perfectly and protects your mobile from handbag or pocket scratches, as well as those sneaky phone stealing kids (just like my three year old).

Here is a quick demo on the Saviour Glass Screen Guardian and how to install it.

When I saw this video above, I was pretty amazed at how it actually works!  Taking the item out of the box, I thought, "ohh, is that all it is?".
Putting the screen protector on my wife's phone though, it's kind of like the guard isn't even there.
Kind of like my wife's brain wasn't there when she put her mobile phone on the back of our car, drove out the driveway, heard a bang and yelled 'OH NO! MY PHONE!".  Then, she drove forward over the phone and cracked it more.  Yes, she did this.
Or the time she left her phone on a seat and someone sat on it, cracking the screen.  Yep, that happened too.
I can be a little less worried about replacing my wife's phone now with the Screen Protector installed, the product looks really good. Please note however, driving a car over your phone will still smash it even using this item! HAHA!
So give the protector a try.  With little tackers these days using them, your phone is something you definitely want to protect.
Current Saviour Glass Screen Guardian range:

  • Apple iPhone 4S
  • Apple iPhone 5/5c/5s
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3

- tork