Thursday, May 22, 2014

Top 5 Defensive Driving Techniques to avoid a Car Accident

My wife once hit three cars at once whilst parking her car.  I once nudged the rear-end of a stationary bus, brakes squealing hard. Everyone has one of these stories, albeit perhaps not as Mr Magoo like involving stationary vehicles, but it's a bit of a worry hey? Hehehe!

I saw a car accident today, happened right in front of my eyes.  Wasn't just a fender bender either, it was a full blown, right up the arse, up on two wheels, power pole smacking smash-up!

Quite a scary crash!

Everyone involved walked away from their cars fine though.  A little shaken up, but fine.  Their cars were pretty wrecked though, so they were lucky it wasn't worse.

It did have me thinking though, what would have happen if it was me driving and my son was in the car with me? We're so fragile as humans and all it takes is one person to not concentrate behind a powerful machine to smack you up the backside and squash you flat.

It was a timely reminder today that you never know when a crash might happen.

We all forget to be more wary.  We've got to be putting our mobile phones out of site when driving, staying within the speed limit and keeping our cars serviced for issues.

Some people need to look at themselves too.  Is it really worth it, to be supe-ing up their car for extra oomph in a vehicle also used to transport children!

I've seen this people do this. It's just not worth it.

Even if you think you are a good driver, this infographic is worth the few minutes it takes to read it. It might just save you from having an accident one day.

The folks at Sinnamon Lawyers have written these tips.  They can help you out if you ever do have a car accident (knock on wood that you don't need it).

Have a read, soak the defensive driving tips in and remember to be careful out there on our roads.

So take care out there on the roads.  Enjoy your journeys and reach your destination safely.

- tork