Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Great Deal Christmas Gift Ideas from Target

Target recently offered me to be one of their Brand Ambassadors.  It took me seconds to say yes. Sometimes you need man advice for shopping too!

Sometimes you also need insight to what a guy is buying you for Xmas ;-)

Here are a bunch of examples of great gifts that you can buy your friends and family this Christmas at Target.  They are all my own choices and suggestions!

ooooh!!  Look at them all!

You're going to have to excuse my crappy photo taking skills..

Christmas Hampers

The staple gift when you have no idea what to buy someone.  I would stick to buying them for folks aged 35 and over only.

Target have lots of varieties of Hampers.  I grabbed a couple of the cheaper ones to combine it with a bottle of goon from the local publican, just to add that extra touch.

Target's Small Christmas Hamper - $16


Target has a variety of different watches to choose from, but I recommend choosing a men's watch as a present. They're a simple, yet useful present to bang around in for any lad.

Got a boy that always forget's what the time is?  Give him a watch!  No excuses for being home late and more reason to dock his pocket money and use on your Dr Pepper addiction..

Men's Gift Watch - $20

Nail Polish

Chicks like Nail Polish don't they?  I don't get it, but I found a set of 6 different colours, Nail Polish Remover and Nail Polish clear-make-look-shiny stuff.

I know this one girl who's always got a different nail colour going on, I'm sure she'll like this.  If you know someone the same, then Nail Polish might be a good idea as well!

Chi Chi Vive La French Manicure Set - $19.95

Hot Sauce

Ok, who has a Husband or a Dad that likes their meat with hot sauce?  I know I do..

..don't be dirty and take that the wrong way people!  I'm talking about cliché sauces that any guy (or gal for that matter) would be happy to add to their steak or burger to spice up their life!

These sauces I picked up are so corny.  "Ass Kickin' Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce". Mmmm interesting!

"Hot Sauce from Hell".   Mmmm devilish..

"Ass Kickin' Cajun Hot Sauce".  Hee hee hee, there is a Donkey kicking on it.  ASS-kicking.  Dad jokes and spicy sauce all in one. Cheap too!

Hot Sauce 3-Pack set - $12

Milkshake Maker

This would have to be my favourite of all the presents.  A Milkshake Maker.  I can taste a banana milkshake right now!

Its cooky colours might stand out in the kitchen, but I like it.  Who wouldn't, it makes Milkshakes god dammit! And a cheap buy as well.

Milkshake Maker - $15

Go check out Target this Xmas folks.  Great bargains and a bunch of gifts for family and friends!

- tork