Wednesday, January 9, 2013



It's the first time this year that I have worn pants.

No, I'm not about to inform you about my new years nudity resolutions, I'm talking about how my pants are getting tight for me!

Check out my tweet...


It's not really common place for a guy to talk about their weight, is it? But I'm happy with a few extra kilos. At 84 kgs of man blogger, I'm fine with it. But the prospect of spending dollars on new clothes makes this penny pincher want to get his fat arse on a treadmill. Stupid reason, but that's the first thing that came to mind.. "blergh.. now I have to buy new pants".

I've always been a sporty guy. Tennis, Basketball, Caber Tossing (hehehehhe) but life/fatherhood doesn't factor time into exercise. It's easy to say "There's always time" but sometimes that's not true.

There is however, "always a way". A way to exercise and do that little bit more in my daily routine. I know playing with my boy, sometimes I stop with a "ooh, you're so heavy now, I need to sit down" but I should keep going with a few more throws in the air of Junior fat boy. I should do a few more runs of chasey down the hallway with the best screamer you'll ever see..

So I'm chucking in a few extra walks (and for longer), more carefree throws towards the clouds for my little tacker, and less of the fatty foods that taste too god damn good.

But there's always time for cake, of course. No one is superhuman! Cake is fucking awesome.

So what are your exercise tips? Got any good ones for a working parent?

- tork