Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby Update - Why baby is a bit small


This is a response to Our baby is too small for the third trimester

For the moment, I have time to update you all on baby.  I felt it important to let those know what's going on who've helped to reassure about our first baby previously.

Baby does not have enough fluid to grow.  It is compact and its little tummy isn't growing.  Wife is currently getting as much rest as possible to try and get the fluids back up.

Baby seems healthy though. Overall, baby is in the right position, it's head is the right size, it's been kicking like crazy and it's heartbeat is strong.  It just hasn't got enough fluids to grow the amount it needs to.

It will more than likely fall a bit short of the 40 weeks age.  If we even get to that close.  There is a chance we could become parents in the next few days!

I have my hopes that we are many weeks off though.  It has my strength and wife's strong will to do what it's supposed to do.

Please though, send a whisper through the air of best wishes for my baby. For now, my wife needs her rest, as do I.

- tork