Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tony Abbott vs Mark Riley and Channel 7 - Shit Happens


Boy, what a day.  Have we all heard about the latest political row over here in Aussie land between a high profile journalist and the leader of the Opposition?

Well, let me sum it up as quick as I can.

  • A serving Australian soldier sadly died at war
  • Tony Abbott chatted to an American soldier on all mistakes occuring in the battle where Australian soldier has unfortunately died
  • He used the sentence 'shit happens' referring to all the mistakes
  • When confronted on this reply by journalist Mark Riley, he gave a stern response of silence
That's it really really summised.  Here's my opinion.  What a massive load of bollocks.

  1. Mark Riley and channel 7 should never have brought this situation to the light of day as they did. They should have known the circus that has occurred would occur.
  2. The poor family have been through enough. It doesn't matter if Mr Abbott has done the wrong thing or not. They have been put through the ringer again because of this 'news' story.
  3. Tony Abbott's response was clearly and extremely taken out of context by Mark Riley and channel 7. Disgusting.
  4. Tony Abbott (when confronted by Mark Riley) was at first clear and concise that he would never disrespect an Aussie soldier, especially ones unfortunately losing their life at war. He soon enough lost his composure however with stupid silence. A possible leader of our country should be clever enough to respond to a journo's questions.
  5. If I were in Mr Abbotts shoes, I would have done the same thing, and that is freak out and more than likely stand and shake as he did.  Not good enough for a future leader though, that's for sure.

Love to know what you think.  But what a total shambles. I didn't want to bring more attention to the issue with a post, but I've been pissed off all day about it.

A life has been lost and I feel Channel 7 have resorted to the low of lows.  Think of the overall picture!  Yes, it might be something newsworthy, but was it worth it?

Are you happy putting a grieving family back into the limelight?

It doesn't matter who is in the wrong.  Tony Abbott, Mark Riley or Channel 7. The most important thing is that family and doing everything everyone can do to help them.

Please support our troops.  I wish them all safety to be back home soon.

Here's Channel Seven's report

Here's Channel Nine's report

- tork