Monday, February 14, 2011

Our baby is too small for the third trimester

What an emotional little day my wife and I have had!

Upon recently visiting our doctor for our latest check-up of baby, they said "Your baby has got a healthy heartbeat and your blood sugar levels are clear of anything bad.  Your iron levels are low though, so eat more red meats or take Iron supplements."

Ok all good.

"And I'd like to see you again in two more weeks as your baby is a bit too small from what it is supposed to be."

Total freak out!  Our baby is too small?  What does that mean?  Is that bad?

The wife hasn't been doing well, stressing a bit about it.  I'm not sure how well I'm holding it together either.

As first time parents, we are basically paranoid of everything.

But, we shouldn't be.  The baby has grown since last check-up, it's got a strong little ticker and has been kicking stronger each day.  It is obviously doing well, but we are still having scans to make sure everything is fine.

I hope little bubs will be okay.  These are moments every parents dread, even though I know there is probably no reason too.

Have you been through something similar?  Love to know!

- tork

(see post on our birth for how we went at Finally, I am a Dad. Our first born birth story).