Monday, February 7, 2011

Organisation Skills of an Expectant Father


Hello Strangers.  I've been well overdue for a post so I wanted to let you know just what has been happening.

I would like to let you know exactly how organised an expectant father like me can be.  

See, we currently are having some problems with our house.  We need work done on getting something fixed ASAP.  With a currently pregnant wife due in approximately 12 weeks, I said "Don't you worry hun, I will organise them.  You have a relaxing day at work and make us some dollars and I will take the day off to watch the contractors".

This may sound bad, sending my pregnant wife off to work.  However, she still wants her independence, as well as plenty of dollars for when bubs arrives.

So, low and behold, my superb organisational skills has organised the workers to come on a Monday.  A three day weekend for some rest for the soon to be daddy as well.

And, with a lucky coincidence, the Superbowl XLV just happens to land on the exact same day!  Wow, what a stroke of luck!

So a note to all those expectant fathers out there; don't forget to take some time off for yourselves.  You've got just as much to worry about with a newborn as does the mother.  Take some time off and try to perhaps land it on the same day as a major sporting event.  Also try and work it around other reasons (ie. house work needs to be done).  This will keep you in the good books for everyone.

No one will notice you ulterior motives, just like mine ;-)

- tork

PS. Go Steelers!