Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Blog Goal for 2012

Ahh the parenting bloggy community.

Here's something important I wanted to post about it.  Might've said it before, but here it is again


I think we are overdue for a revamp in the blogging scene in Australia and overseas, where mum blogs dominate conferences and online bloggy communities are built for women.

There is a reason though.  There are hardly any Dads online blogging in Australia. Is it because it's too wussy? Or is the blogging community geared towards mums?

So this is my main goal for 2012. To break the mould of parenting bloggers, that dads have a story too.

I want more dads blogging, especially in Australia. It's a great way to keep memories, share stories and hear parenting things from the other side of the fence.  From the dads.

Over the year, I'll be pointing my fingers towards some cool dad's out there, as well as great mums as well.  I might even be re-igniting the coveted Torkona Award for 2012.

Hopefully, as a Dad, I will be an important voice in various places around the online community, doing more freelance writing work.  I hope I'll be a great source for parenting stories, trials and joy, as well as sharing my life as a dad and as me. Hopefully it will help break the mould and encourage more dads to blog.


Please share my goal with other bloggers via your own blog, Facebook or Twitter. That would be rad ;-)


If you are a blogger that is willing to let me break the mould and guest post on your site on anything about being a dad, please get in touch.

Yippee!  What fun I'm going to have :-)

- tork