Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time to put my blogging to the test

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I'm a big fan of Problogger.


This guy is a leader in the blogging community.  He knows his stuff.

He has loads of folks begging to guest post at his site.  So many that he actually charges people to guest post.  Smart.

Fyi, I don't charge for guest posting here and I'd love for you to guest post on my dad blog!

Anyway, I recently read 13 Steps to Being the Worst Blogger on the Planet.

I thought, Karol from ThemeFuse, I see what you're doing there, but that's not exactly right.

There are no rules in blogging.

And because recently I've been told I am a terrible blogger (sob, you hurt my feelings anonymous person you, sob), I plan on showing how good that being bad can be.

I'm calling it the I'm a Bad Blogger series.

Stay tuned..

- tork


Here's the series:
Bad Blogger Step 1: Story About Goats
Bad Blogger Step 2: Here is a picture of my doodle on the table
Bad Blogger Step 3: I'm Blogging Drunk
Bad Blogger Step 4: Life's Rambles
Bad Blogger Step 5: A Letter To Me
Bad Blogger Step 6: Speakin' Tricky and stuff
Bad Blogger Steps 7 & 8: Write and Never Look Back