Monday, August 20, 2012

Father's Day Giveaway from

Father's Day is coming!  So at Tork's blog, I want to celebrate being a dad, so I have some giveaways coming up over the next few weeks!

But you know the worst thing about being a dad?  It's lonely...

It's lonely online!!  There's not enough dad's online and blogging!

Boohoo :'-(

So I got in touch with my good friend at Little Hero Hosting.  They are offering a wicked giveaway for Father's Day!

This is a big one...

A free .com domain name and free hosting for a whole year!

3Gb of data and 20Gb bandwidth with a fantastic, locally Aussie, domain name & web hosting provider!

Little Hero Hosting are great.  They are the first place to go if you are a blogger looking to have a real domain name and web hosting service.

They're helpful, down to earth and easy to use and they have fantastic web hosting deals.

So, Mum bloggers.. if you ever wanted your partner to be blogging, this is the competition to enter!

You can use a domain for anything, it doesn't just have to be blogging like I do.

You can show off your photos, build an online resume, a business venture or just stories about jams.  Anything you like!

Yes, it's not just for Dads.  It's open for anybody.

So, there's a few ways to enter.  Have a go and who knows, you might be the next best website on the market!

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