Thursday, August 23, 2012

Father's Day Giveaway - Trojan Toolbox and Tools

I'm so pumped for this year's Father's day that I've got another giveaway for you!

And what a brilliant day it is. A great day! Whoever thought up the idea to have a Dad's day is a genius because dads are awesome. Being a dad, I guess I would know :)

But what does dad want for Father's day?  I have always said that I am happiest with a family BBQ, sock and jocks, or anything hand-made.  That's the only things I'd ever care about.

But I know other Dad-like creatures yearn for man presents like tackle, beer, car stuff..

..or even tools!

Trojan Tools have graciously put their hand up to help provide my biggest giveaway yet.

The Trojan Toolbox at the value of $140 will be given away to one lucky father! (or tool lover)
open to Australian Citizens only..

Pretty cooooool...

The guys at Trojan offered me a toolbox as well to review for you.  Schucks, it's no BBQ meat sandwich or macaroni self portrait, but there was no way I could refuse!

The Trojan Toolbox is a thing of beauty.  I'm almost too embarrased to talk about my previous toolbox.

Yep, this is what kept all my importants.  An old shoe box, how very lame and very embarrassing.

Hammer, screwdriver, screws, nails, powerdrill, shoehorn.. Yeah, not sure why there's a shoehorn in there.

But I don't know why I didn't upgrade soon.  The Trojan Toolbox is, to put it simply, freakin' awesome. It is a toolbox that every guy just has to have.  Look at it!

The toolbox comes with Trojan Tools top ten tools including screwdriver, hammer, chisel, a wrench, measuring tape etc all in a sturdy Trojan box.  It is seriously the basic tool kit that any household should have for fix up's or DIY jobs. The tools and the box retail for $140.

It's sturdy, has cool compartments on top of the toolbox to hold all my little bits of crap, as well as nails, screws etc.

My little boy loved it as well. He kept whacking it, making an (apparently) awesome makeshit drum :-) they do of course!

So very happy with this toolbox.  Definitely should have done it a long time ago.

Guess I better give one away now!  Enter below and don't forget to visit their site and like them on Facebook!

One lucky winner will win the Toolbox and all the tools shown in the picture for Father's Day.  Not too shabby!

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Good luck!

- tork