Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Eyes Will Weep, My Heart Will Smile

Dad Poem - from the words of a Father

A cold word is said from a hospital bed,
Your child is ill with disease.
A fear knocks you down, but you stand in feet cement,
Of a life that is supposed to be an ease.

A few years have passed when your child should not be,
The unwell is not a thought in your mind.
But a cough turns to wheeze in life's high air trapeze,
All the years that have passed you can't find.

And when Grim comes to take, a choice you can't shake,
And your eyes run rivers and streams.
When eyes shut like dams, in your heart you can see,
All your child's hopes and dreams.

These dreams will live on, in friend's hearts ever long,
But there is nothing that you can say.
For when a child is lost, not much you can do,
Than promise to remember each day.