Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top 5 Car Apps for Dads

This is a guest post from FCS Surfing Fins all about must have Car Apps for Fathers.

There are three things almost all fathers love: their family, their car, and their technology. Whether it’s your GPS that you use for driving the kids to a friend’s house, or the Wii you bought so you can beat your kids at Mario Kart, there’s always plenty of ways to incorporate the three together. From GPS to buying the latest cars, technology offers countless apps to help dads with their family life. Here’s a pick of the bunch: these are the top five apps every dad with a car should get.

Sygic Australia & New Zealand: GPS Navigation

A good GPS app is a necessity these days: it’s safer, more efficient and just easier to use than manual maps, and for now the pre-installed navigation apps are not quite up to scratch. I usually swear by finding a free equivalent to paid apps, but with this one it’s really worth the money. At $34.99, Sygic is a bargain compared to the TomTom app, and works as well, if not better. The text-to-speech features makes it safer than ever to drive with, minimising how often you’ll be looking at the phone screen. You’ll never get lost looking for the location of your kid’s footy game.


Whether you’re looking to buy a new car for yourself or the family, or you just enjoy “window shopping”, this app is one of the best around. The app is free and you can browse car prices and search for the nearest dealer that is selling the car you want. It’s smart, intuitive and also a lot of fun to use.

Family Car Games

It’s exactly what it looks like. Not an app many people would think to buy, but you’ll be so thankful for this $1.99 app when you are taking your kids on a long trip in the car. There are 100 different games, ranging from “out the window” style to singing games, so you can put off the inevitable “are we there yet?” questions for as long as possible, and if you’re lucky, for the entire trip.

Google+ Local

An absolute essential application on any phone. It used to be called Google Places, but still boasts the same features: Google+ Local gives users the ability to look up businesses and entertainment nearby. Whether you’re looking for restaurants, petrol stations, a place to entertain the kids, or even the Australian Fitness Network for those personal trainer courses you still need to take, you’ll be able to find it all in this app.

Car Facts App

The Car Facts App is perfect for mums, dads and teen drivers. It stores insurance policy information all ready to go at the touch of a button; you can even email the details to someone. Custom Maintenance reminders a must for oil changes and tire rotation. The app also has a fuel and service tracker and a place to save vehicle details like license plate number. With this app you will always be prepared.