Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Canvas Printers Online Review

Looking for a gift for a special someone?

Maybe just something to spruce up your house?

Well, I've got a pretty idea on what you could get. Canvas Prints!

I've bought a few of these over the past few years and this time I thought I'd give Canvas Printers Online a look at.

I am a collector of paintings.  I love artwork.  I've been a little obsessed with British artist, Banksy.

He's the dude that does amazing street graffiti art (or he could be a she because no one has ever seen him, err... or her).

Now, because I can't put a Banksy on the wall in my house, as much as I'd like too, I found a digital photo of one of his works.  Here it is below:

Love it
It's wicked. So I made it into a Canvas Print.

Well, I didn't make it myself.  Like I said, Canvas Printers Online is where I headed to get the job done.

The process is pretty simple at their website.  You can pick and choose from their own designs, or you can upload your own photo like I did.  There is also the option to upload from Facebook or Instagram, which is something I haven't seen yet on other canvas sites.

Once the photo is uploaded, you can choose canvas size and layout the image with ease.  It can get a bit tricky to make your image fit exactly to the boundary of the print though.  I just made certain that I couldn't see any white lines on the canvas creation page.

You can add image effects, zoom in close or zoom out, rotate and flip images, all the stuff that you would expect to be able to do.

What is really cool though is the online help service.  I tested it out with a few questions and an actual real person typed back to me.  This is a really cool function of Canvas Printers Online, really cool.  This is what you want with any persons having any sort of questions, where face to face contact is not available online. Really impressed by their online help.

So, I created my canvas, created my account and waited by the mailbox.

To my surprise, the canvas did not take very long to reach my doorstep!  I think it was only a couple of weeks!

I was worried about the time frame because I knew that the canvas is created in China.  Whenever something is created overseas, I do get a bit nervous (like most people would) but China is a trusted country, right?

Yep, there's no reason to worry! The canvas arrived on my doorstep without an issue.  Really well packaged with bubble wrap and cardboard covered edging to prevent any dings and dents.

And here is the end result of my 50 x 40cm Banksy print!  Looks just like the digital image, doesn't it?

Not too bad!

The Positives

The Canvas Printers Online website is easy to use, from account creation, to canvas creation and payment.

The online help is fantastic.  Really good to having a real person to chat with. Couldn't stress how good this is enough!

The price. The Banksy print I received costs $100 less than where I have purchased canvases previously.  Madness!

The Negatives

Canvases are made in China.  Even though the item came to my doorstep in perfect condition, the canvas does feel a bit cheap.  But, they ARE CHEAP! So this isn't a negative for me.  If you are after a better quality, pay another $100 bucks for slightly better canvas print. But I don't see a big jump in quality with other canvases that I have, just a big jump in price!

To summarize, I'm happy to give these guys the tick of approval.  It's bang for buck and delivery is better than normal, even for overseas.

If you are thinking about grabbing your next Canvas print online, give these guys a go like I did.  I'm definitely considering these guys for my next purchase!

Leave your comments below. Are you into Canvas Prints? Do you enjoy showing off your "super cool epic fantastic photo skills" just like I do?

Love you hear from you!