Sunday, April 20, 2014

Men’s guide to beating a receding hairline

This is a guest post from BioTHIK, Hollywood's best-kept secret and their answer to thicker, fuller looking hair.

Thin hair and a receding hairline is one of the most common complaints about men’s aging. It can be a real hit to your confidence and increase stress in an already stressful world. Even young men often feel as though they are losing the battle against genetics in keeping their locks thick and lush. Don’t despair, there are things you can do to manage the problem! Here are some tips to help you keep your remaining hair and improve your hair’s appearance.

Choose a Flattering Hairstyle

A well-chosen hairstyle can do wonders for reducing the emphasis on a receding hairline. Shorter hairstyles tend to be the most flattering, and allow you to keep a more natural look than toupees or the shudder-inducing comb over. There are a number of styles that work well, such as the Jason Statham buzz cut, Short Caesar cut à la George Clooney, the Mad Men/Roger Sterling cut with a side part, and even clean shaven (think the ever-suave Patrick Stewart). Keep in mind that whatever you choose, confidence is the best ally in making you look good. Sean Connery rocks a huge bald spot with a ring of hair around the sides and he is still universally acknowledged as one of the sexiest men alive.

Switch The Focus

Stylish facial hair can detract attention from thinning hair or a receding hairline in men and balance the face. Don’t go crazy – remember: less is more. Subtle and neat facial hair creates a polished and confident look that will make you stand out from your clean-shaven fellows, and bring the focus back onto your face.

Resist Temptation

One of the most common problems men have when they notice their hairline receding is resisting the temptation to over wash. While its important to keep your remaining hair healthy, too frequent shampooing can actually damage your healthy hair and lead to further loss. Washing should occur once per day at maximum! Make sure you are conditioning as normal, but again, only once a day!

Another temptation to avoid is too much product. Overdoing styling products such as gels and waxes can cling too much hair together and make the thinning even more visible by exposing the scalp. While you may want to keep some flair, take it easier on styling products.

Add Volume

Volumising sprays or dry shampoos can be a good option if you’re looking to bulk up thinning hair, but for the hairline in particular, you may need something more heavy duty. Developments in men’s hair care have brought some new exciting products to light. For example, you can now find a powder product that mimics your natural hair’s look, colour, and texture. The powder is made from keratin (just like your natural hair), cut into incredibly thin fibers that attach to your existing hair through static cling. Your hair’s volume can increase dramatically and those see- through patches in your hairline can be cleverly disguised and plumped. Because the strands are so thin, you get good natural looking coverage and avoid the artificial look of toupees. Check out BioTHIK for more information.

What are your tips for beating a receding hairline? Let us know what’s worked for you in the comments!