Monday, April 7, 2014

Home security tips for the holidays

This is a guest post from Stylewise Security and Glass, specialising in providing Security and Glass services in all areas of south east Queensland since 1990.

Burglars are always on the prowl looking for an easy target to steal from, especially during the holidays when most people are away. There's no point in making things easy for them, so if you don't already have a security system installed by a reliable company like Stylewise Security, here are a few tips for ensuring your home is secure while you're away on that much-deserved holiday.

1. Don't divulge your plans to the people you’re not close to

You may think it's safe to call your Facebook friends, 'friends', but do you really know them that well? You never know whose prying eyes will see this information and take advantage, or a friend might innocently mention it in conversation to a third party. Yes, it's tempting to share stories of your fun- filled adventures, but leave that till after you've come back. Anyway, it gives you something to do to beat those post-holiday blues.

2. Make it look like there's someone at home

Set your lights on a timer to turn on and off at the times you normally would do this. It’s simple, but it does the trick! If you have a flair for the dramatic (and have a lot of time on your hands), think Home Alone, that movie where the kid rigs up a system of cardboard cut outs, string, music and flashing lights to keep those two goons from breaking in. Plenty of additional lighting outside is also a great deterrent. There are a lot of lighting options available, both electric and solar, so you’re spoilt for choice. No thief wants a spotlight on them while they commit a B and E.

3. Check, check, check

It seems so obvious, but do make sure doors and windows are locked. It's easy to miss when you're in a mad rush to get to catch a flight, so you need to check and double-check. Have all members of the household go through the house. One person may miss a window that’s not quite shut, another will not. If you have a way to secure your pet door, even better, so a pint-sized thief can't get in. Block your chimney too, if you have one. Who knows the lengths a thief will go to, to get inside a house!

4. Get a friend to house-sit or check in on your home regularly

You may have a friend or relative who would love the opportunity to have some quiet time to themselves. Alternatively, a neighbour could collect your mail and pick up those pesky publications that are left on your driveway or doorstep. A pile of those are a sure indication that no one's home.

5. Put your subscriptions on hold

If number 4 isn't an option because you've suddenly realised that there's no one you truly trust, you can always get your deliverer to put your subscriptions on hold.

6. Keep your garden maintained

If you're going away for a longer period of time, it may be wise to hire someone to keep your lawn up to scratch. A lawn that looks like a jungle is a giveaway that the home is empty.

With these simple tips, you know you can relax and breathe easy while you're on that vacation you so deserve. Keeping your home safe is just a matter of common sense, and never allowing yourself to become complacent!