Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stress-Free Bathroom Renovations: 5 Types of Contractors to Have on Speed Dial

This is a guest post from Clearly Glass, designers that thrive on the challenge of maximum use of naked glass for minimum visual impact.

Looking to upgrade your home for your own personal satisfaction or to increase its market value before selling? Either way, a bathroom renovation is an ideal way to achieve that goal. However, they aren’t minor undertakings – they require planning, as well as help from the right people. A successful bathroom renovation relies on having reliable people at every step of the journey. Below we look at five contractors that you should find and save into your phone before getting started with your bathroom makeover.


If any of the main fixtures (e.g. toilet, bathtub, shower, or vanity) are being repositioned, there’s an extremely high chance that the plumbing will need to be rearranged to match the new layout of your bathroom. This really isn’t something you should attempt to take care of yourself (DIY plumbing efforts can lead to disaster!) so make sure to put a quality plumber on speed dial to help with this.

Glass Repairer

A large shower is a centrepiece of contemporary bathroom design. And why not – they look great and provide more comfortable showers! So if you’re upgrading to a more modern feel for your bathroom, you’ll probably be giving your shower some extra breathing space… and this is the perfect time to modernise the shower’s look as well, with a stylish glass shower screen. Make sure to have a contractor who specialises in glasswork (e.g. Clearly Glass) on speed dial for this part of the project.


Particularly if your vanity is making a move to a different part of the bathroom, your power points will most likely need to be shifted. Having a dependable electrician saved in your contacts makes it easy and stress-free to get help with having power coming from the perfect places to let you comfortably use appliances like electric shavers, hairdryers, hair straighteners, and phone chargers.


Most bathroom facelifts include some foundation… by which we mean the ground has some work done. If you’re replacing outdated tiles with fresh modern ones, you should have an efficient and affordable carpenter on standby to take care of this task. A carpenter is also extremely useful to have on call if you’re moving, refitting, or replacing cabinets in your bathroom or the vanity.


We’re only half kidding. For your bathroom renovation to be a success and to reflect your dreams of what it should look like, it’s important to be as involved as possible throughout the process, even if tradies are doing all of the actual work. Staying across everything that happens (though without getting in anyone’s way, or course) is the only way to catch any mistakes that your contractors might make. Remember: only you can see exactly your vision of your perfect bathroom. The workers can only perform their tasks based on what you’ve told them, and there’s never a guarantee that what they hear is the same as what you’re imagining. With your ideas and the expertise of each of the above contractors, a stress-free and successful bathroom renovation is entirely achievable.