Saturday, January 21, 2012

Did you win the Viva TV and Computer Screen Wipes Giveaway?

The Viva TV and Computer Screen Wipes giveaway has ended.  The winners have been selected.

Winners are grinners!  And they'll soon have every TV and Computer screen clean in the house.  Ooh, don't forget your iPads and Mobile Phones!

Here are the winners (randomly drawn via

Melissa Kagie
Toni Hill
Marita Stuffwiththing
Thanh Luu
Jasmine Chow
Narelle Rock
Sara TisTheLife
Michelle Vamvas

Congratulations winners!  You will be contacted shortly.

Didn't win this time?  Subscribe by any (or all) of these links below so you can try again for the next one!

Thanks so much to Viva Clever Cleaning and Kleenex Mums for the giveaway.

- tork