Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Everyday He's Shuffling! The Boy Crawls..

Yep.  My little boy has been rolling for a long while now.  He's sort of only ever crawled forward on beds/mattresses, found it more easier.

He then worked his way up to going forwards on his back and backwards on his front.  Ooch, that confused me..

Now he really has his shit sorted out.  He does the army man crawl, where he's a soldier that has his legs blown off and has to crawl with his arms.  Terrible description, but that's exactly how he does it.

It's been about a week of crawling.  It was cute the first few days, but now we're already over it!



Here's a wee little sketch I drew to signify the moment.

Got any tips or advice to help us to stop going crazy during this *ahem* FUN new skill this little tacker has learnt?

Love to hear from you!

- tork