Friday, January 13, 2012

Viva TV and Computer Screen Wipes Review *GIVEAWAY ENDED*

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Aren't I the popular one.  Ever since talking about Mum blogs being more popular than dad blogs, I've become quite busy in the past couple of days.

Look who's come knocking at my door.. Viva Clever Cleaning! All thanks to

I must be giving the appearance I am a nerd that sits in front of the telly and computer all day, that makes a mess of things.  Hmm.. Has someone been talking to my wife? :-)

So, here we go.  I've been given the honour to be the first person in the world to review and giveaway..

Viva TV and Computer Screen Wipes

I've never been the first at anything in the world. I only just missed out on inventing the internet (couldn't get a string long enough between two cups). So this is pretty cool.

The DVD-like box that Viva TV and Computer Wipes come in is very clever.  Really appeals to the nerd in me.  It's a bit thicker than a DVD case, but it's otherwise the same size.  See it next to one of my fave DVDs? (great movie, fyi).

The wipes come with a soft fibre cloth.  I decide to wipe the TV first because it is dusty as.  I have a massive one *insert giggles here* hehehee. TV that is.

It gets dusty easily.  The reusable microfibre cloth worked a treat on it

My computer screen doesn't really get dirty though.  I tend to avoid touching it too much.   So, I decided that I needed to cover it with fingerprints.  Got to test out the product to give it a serious review, don't I?


Here is my LCD monitor covered in fingerprints

Seriously, covered in fingerprints

All I do next is pull out one of the wet wipes to remove the prints, dust and marks..

Hey presto!
Aren't I hilarious...

But seriously for a moment.  I pulled my mobile phone out of my pocket.  It's a HTC Android and the touch screen is constantly being covered in finger prints, making it sometimes difficult to use.

A quick once over with the wet wipe and it amazes me.  Very cool.

It feels like a different phone!  It's so much smoother.  I can imagine how awesome it would be with an iPad or other tablets.

Viva Screen Wipes Review Verdict & Giveaway

They are simple, cool, nifty and they work.  They don't have an overpowering smell either, which is a winner as well.

They will be available in supermarkets by the end of January 2012 for $9.99.

But why wait until then?  Viva are offering 10 packs to giveaway to 10 lucky people!! To enter, you must be an Australian resident.

Simply leave a comment on this post saying "enter me!" to give yourself a chance at winning.  Get an extra entry for tweeting this blog link by clicking here, and clicking "share" on the link in Facebook (via Tork's Blog fanpage).

Winners will be drawn via Competition ends midnight January 19th AEST.

Don't forget, you must be willing to provide address and contact details to receive the goods if you win!

Good luck! Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to give something back to my readers.

- tork