Thursday, January 12, 2012

SnoozeShade Review for Infant Car Seats

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I've got something wicked to tell you.

I GOT FREE STUFF IN THE MAIL!!  Ohh yeah! Suffer in your jocks!


Yeah, sorry about that.  Just a wee bit excited :-)

Thanks for allowing me to have a play with one of your products...

The SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats

What do you do when the sun gets in your child's eyes when you're driving or transferring them between car and house?

Well, the wife and I have had that trouble with our little boy whenever the sun gets in his eyes (as you can imagine), mainly when we are driving about the place. We've used those sun blocks you get in freebie promotional bags from expos, as well as purchasing a large sun block blind for the rear window.

You reckon any of them work?  Only a little bit.

It doesn't completely block out the sun.  Little bits keep peeping its way through, causing our boy not so much to cry, but get really pissed off.

Nothing we have found really does the job properly.  This SnoozeShade though is a real sun blocker.

The Blackout Blind

When they call it a blackout blind, they mean it.  This thing is so dense just looking at it. The mesh is darker than my little boy's mood when his bottle is late!

I guess I could show you a video of how you use it (see below).

Clever hey?  The Australian version has a latte trim to it though.  Here's a few pictures of the one I received.

The Packaging

The bag it comes with

On my car seat

This would be great if we had a detachable car seat, where carrying a sleeping baby from the car to the house in sunlight wouldn't wake him.  Our car seat isn't for carrying, but our boy rarely gets woken by the sun anyway.  It just annoys him when he's awake (he's a strange one I tell you). It's also the sunburn we worry about.

The only concerns I had is that the trim had already started to come away a little (just a little). Saying that, it would still last well beyond the age where a baby would outgrow it.

Also, I was concerned if the baby actually could breathe through it.  It is mesh material, but I did the best thing I could think of.

I put it on my head...

So long as it didn't cover my mouth, all good :-)

SnoozeShade Review Verdict

Overall, this SnoozeShade is a great idea whilst mum or dad is carrying baby out of the car or pushing the stroller down the street. I stared in the sun whilst having it on my head and it worked better than my sunglasses. It works.

Attaching it to the car seat though whilst driving. I would only use it whilst someone else is sitting next to the baby, just to make sure the tot doesn't pull things about the place.  Always good to be 100% sure with these little tackers.

I wouldn't advise using it when you haven't got eyes on your child or unable to stop what you are doing to attend to them.  I don't care what product you are using, no matter how safe they are.  If you're putting something above their head, you make sure you are about the place!

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Thanks so much for SnoozeShade for popping my review cherry.

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- tork