Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stopping to Say Thanks

Just wanted to take a breath/break from posting (even though I'm technically still doing it) and thank a few people.

Mary. My yankee doodle pal that recently bestowed me with an award.  Although I am wussing out and not continuing the award requirements, I still wanna say CHEERS and tell you all to visit her blog. So if it's food recipes you're after, she's your gal to show you!  I'm hanging for her sausage balls recipe.  Can't wait 'til I get to try her balls (hmmm that doesn't sound right hehehee).  Thanks Mary!

Kate.  She says stuff.  Today, she said to all her followers to come visit me.  Well, aren't HER readers lucky to find a swell dude like myself!  And aren't I lucky to get a great wrap..  Check Kate out today at her blog.  She's a sweetheart.

I also wanted to thank everyone who's commented and tweeted since my post Why Don't You Like Dad Blogs but love Mum Blogs.  I feel there's life back into these old blog bones.  I am also glad I didn't push publish on a post I wrote entitled "I Quit".  Yeah.. I know.  But this new Tork loves a challenge.

So, thanks everyone!

- tork