Monday, February 3, 2014

5 Benefits Of Riding A Bike To Work

This is a guest post from 99 Bikes, providers of bikes and cycling related items.

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Riding a bike to work not only costs less than driving a car; it also improves your heath by giving you more energy, increasing your endorphins, and motivates you for the day’s work. Because 99 Bikes understands the importance of having a healthy lifestyle while maintaining the practicality that suits your everyday needs, they have created a list of five benefits of riding a bike to work.

It Makes You Feel Happier

Riding a bike generates self-esteem and confidence, and the time spent outdoors will increase your position outlook on your work. With the combination of sunlight and endorphins, you’ll be able to sleep better, reducing insomnia and other sleep disorders that may affect your work.

You Will Live Longer!

That’s right! Not only does riding a bike to work make you feel better emotionally, it has been proven to physically improve your fitness levels and contribute towards a longer, healthier life. Riding as little as 32 kilometres a week can cut your risk of heart disease in half. Cycling also accelerates your breathing and heart rate, which helps to stimulate your intestinal muscles that will not only keep you from feeling bloated, but can also protect your body from bowel cancer.

It’s Cheaper Than Driving

Riding a bike to work is not only beneficial to your body and self-esteem, but also to your wallet. Imagine the money you can save otherwise spent on fuel and snacks for the car! The only costs involved in riding a bike to work is regular maintenance, however that’s nothing compared to the money you will spend on car maintenance.

You’ll Lose Weight!

It’s no surprise that riding a bike to work as opposed to driving will increase your weight loss. Your body’s metabolic rate will begin to change after only a few days, and soon after that you will become fitter, and be able to exert more energy, allowing you to get to work much faster. By riding just 25 kilometres, you can lose up to 800 calories, the equivalent of six bananas or six cans of coke. Think of the amazing health benefits that come with riding a bike instead of driving a car!

It’s Good For The Planet

Regardless of whether or not you are interested in the effect cars are to the ecosystem, it’s still amazing to learn that it takes only five percent of the materials used to make a car to manufacture a bike, and that bikes can also travel three times faster than walking. This all adds up to creating a less polluted environment, and with more people on bikes, there’s less congestion for potential car accidents. It’s a proven fact that riding your bike to work instead of driving your car is extremely beneficial towards your health and wellbeing. With the physical, financial, and environmental benefits, why wouldn’t you chose to ride instead of drive?

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