Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fun Weekend Activities for the Kids

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Weekends can present us parents with a real challenge when it comes to keeping kids entertained. Rather than letting the computer, TV or games console take the helm, it’s great to be able to turn weekends into family bonding time, but you need fun activities at the ready to get kids involved and excited. Here are a few fun ideas to get you out of the house and engaging with your kids.

Beach Trip

Kids love the beach, and what better budget-friendly way to entertain them for the day and tucker them out by sunset? It’s an outdoor playground with a vast array of activities to enjoy. They can swim, build sandcastles, collect shells, chase seagulls, race up the shore, try skim boarding, fly a kite, play Frisbee, have a match of beach cricket, the list goes on. Just remember to slip, slop, slap and only ever take your child swimming between the flags, while you supervise. Finish the day with an icy pole and your kids will be in heaven.

Pool Party

If you’re feeling up to it, how about arranging a pool party for your kids and their friends? It’s a great way to cool off in the heat and there are lots of great pool games you can organise for the kids to play. You can even give prizes and encourage the kids in swimming races or other fun little competitions and games. You can make a non-alcoholic punch to keep them hydrated and serve some healthy but delicious snacks to keep them fuelled for the day of play. Visit http:// first to make sure your pool is in top condition before it’s taken over by the youngsters – you don’t want stinging eyes or murky water!


Kids love the challenge of fishing; it’s so exciting to finally reel in a fish after so many nibbles. Plus it’s a lovely way to get the kids outdoors and into nature, and a good opportunity to teach them all sorts of things about the wildlife, the ocean, river systems, marine life etc. You can even get child-sized rods in funky colours. Don’t forget to bring your tape measure and throw in any fish that are under size.

Paddle Boarding

More and more kids are getting into paddle boarding. It’s a great way to explore the water and improve balance, plus it’s lots of fun. Getting outdoors and into the sunshine is an ideal way to spend a weekend and paddle-boarding offers a fun new challenge to master while they take in the natural world around them and enjoy the wildlife.

Galleries and Museums

A trip to an art gallery or museum is great for kids to excite the senses and learn new and fascinating things. Most museums and galleries have specific content and exhibits just for kids, which often include fun interactive activities to engage youngsters in the learning process and get their creative juices flowing. Dinosaurs are always a big hit, and science exhibits for kids are often eye-opening and intriguing.

If you find something your kids really love perhaps you’ll end up with a family hobby rather than just a once-off weekend activity. Finding something the whole family can enjoy together is a great joy and can bring families closer together, so this weekend start the search for your new family pastime and give one of these great ideas a go.