Wednesday, February 26, 2014

5 Simple Mistakes that could Attract Pests to your Home

This is a guest post from Trusted Pest Management, Queensland's #1 most preferred Termite Inspections and Barriers.

Our home is our castle. The last thing we want is our castle invaded by armies of ants, hordes of roaches or gangs of mice. The best way to avoid pest invasions is to ensure you don’t attract them in the first place. So here are 5 simple mistakes you could be making that entice pests into your home.

Creating a Trash Smorgasbord

Trash is a part of everyday life, especially in the kitchen. For convenience sake, most people store their trash indoors and then when it gets full, they empty it into the larger outdoor bins. While this is effective, it may be time to reconsider how long you leave it between outdoor garbage runs. Indoor trashcans, if left for for too long, are encouraging ants, rodents and cockroaches. So make sure you take your rubbish out regularly.

Leaving a Trail Hidden Crumbs

While most of us try to keep the house tidy by vacuuming up crumbs when we spot them, it is important to know that there are often microscopic food particles that we can’t see. Most pests have a more acute sense for these food particles and will be drawn to them. To ensure that these particles don’t build up, it is a good idea to vacuum at least once a week to discourage pests.

Storing Unsealed food in your Pantry

Pantries and food cupboards are common locations for a pest invasion. It only takes one unsealed chip packet or an open box of cereal to tempt pests to come indoors. Ants, mice, rats and cockroaches are scavengers, so unattended food is a welcome meal to them. Ensure all half-finished products are sealed in zip-lock bags or emptied into airtight containers.

Leaving out Standing Water

Believe it or not, ants and other pests are attracted to water sources as well as food. Water sources, such as water left in the sink or glasses or the pet’s water bowl will attract pests if left too long. Always drain water from the sink and empty glasses and consider leaving your pet’s water bowl outside.

Leaving Handprint Invitations

Yes, even the subtle scents within your hands can be enough to attract pests. Ants in particular can pick up even the faintest scent of sugar, fat or fruit. If you leave these handprints on surfaces, ants will come. The best way to prevent this is to wash your hands and to wipe down all countertops and surfaces regularly.
Sometimes even with our best efforts, pests still manage to invade our homes. This can be for a range of reasons. You may live in a pest prone area. The prior occupants of the house may not have been as conscious about pest prevention. Or you may have just left a few crumbs around the house before you went away on holiday. Whatever the reason, if you end up with pests in your home it is best to solve the problem as soon as possible. With over 15 years’ experience, Trusted Pest Management can help you get your pest problems back in control.