Friday, February 21, 2014

5 Important Things to Remember When Buying a Used Car

This is a guest post from Dream Loans, helpers to finance your Dream Car.

Buying a car can be an exciting experience, and a great opportunity to try something new and expand your horizons. When choosing a used car you will want to make sure that you are getting the best that you can for your money, and that you are not buying someone else’s lemon. Here are 5 important things to remember when buy a used car.

Set Your Budget

The first thing you need to do is work out what your budget is, and stick to it. Your budget should be a figure that you can comfortably afford without it leaving you short of money for the rest of the things you need in life. You will also want to factor in how much it will cost for government taxes and other things that the car will need. If you are getting a loan for the car then try and buy a car that is a little under the amount that your loan is for, so that you have some money to fall back on if anything goes wrong. Check out loans from Dreamloans to see what they can do for you.


Before choosing which car you want to buy it is very important to do your research. This means not only checking out how much the make and model is for the year that you want to buy, but also going onto online forums to hear about what other people thought about that particular car. The best people to ask is the people who have driven one, and there will plenty of them talking about their experiences online, you just have to look for it. This research could save you a lot of heartache later down the line and prevent you from making a bad decision.

Check Car History

As well as researching the type of car that you are looking at buying, you also will want to know a bit about the car from the owner of the car in question. Hearing a bit about the cars story will give you a better idea about what sort of car it is, and whether it will go the distance. If a car has a small number of Km’s but has been driving all day every day for the first few years of its life then it might be in a bad way by the time you get to it. Looks can be deceiving!

Get a Mechanic to Check It

Always, always get a mechanic to check the car out before you buy it, and make sure that you know the mechanic and that he/she is on your side. You want them to be able to tell you everything about the car, and it pays to invest in this small cost to make sure that you know what you are buying. There may be things about the car that you can negotiate on to get fixed, or reduce the price.

Make Sure Paperwork is in Order

Its really important to make sure that all the paperwork for the car is in order before you hand over the cash. This will ensure that you don’t have an experience with a dodgy person, and keeps you safe!