Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Put me in a boat, send me to fish and drink like one.

Hey folks, it's been a busy year for me.  I honestly forget when I set aside time for myself and just did nothing for a while.

My boy is almost three.  He doesn't understand yet that listening to Dad is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.  Ahh, how I look forward to a 13 year old lad, sitting inside a smelly bedroom and being quiet for a while.

(By 13 I will probably wish he'd be two again!)

Been doing a bit of day dreaming lately.  Missing the good ol' times of hanging out down the pubs and clubs like I used to do, or going away without worrying about whether a sleeping cot is able to fit into my tiny car boot.

It's all part of the package though and I'm looking forward to doing all the things I used to do with a grown adult son instead.

One thing I really miss doing though is fishing.  I hardly got the chance to do it before being a dad, but sitting off the end of a jetty with my two year just isn't on the cards yet.

Give it a few years until he learns water safety just a bit better.

I would love to own a boat one day (here comes the day dreaming again), taking a big mother of a boat out of boat storage and heading north along the coast, whacking it into a piece of ocean not normally seen by beach goers.

Pottering out to sea in the boat, which is more than likely called something like "Slice of Life" or maybe my usual silly like "It's a Floater".

Dropping in a line with an ice cold tinnie in reach, probably catching nothing but a cold, but not really caring at all.

Man, that sounds bloody good.

Well, I would rather catch something, so in this day dream I catch a whopper salmon that makes all the Fishmongers jealous!  Yeah, brilliant!

Hmmm, if only I was any good at scaling fish.

I hope my boy will like fishing.  Taking a boat out by myself does sound nice and relaxing, but I think I'd enjoy it much more if the wee lad decided he'd like to come too.

Anyway, it's all a pipe dream.  I think I'd need a decent lotto win to nab the boat of my dreams, or I could find myself a sugar mummy to buy me one!

Best idea I've had all night.. maybe.

Would love to hear your fishing stories if you have any good tales.  Drop me a line (Get it? Man I'm funny).

- tork