Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Zombie Co-op

Just wanted to let you guys know what I'm currently playing.

As a PC gamer, I've had my fair share of the COD series.  They have been very good in my opinion, but they are starting to become a bit too movie like than game like.

Anyhoo, had my first go with my guild buddies at the Zombie Online Co-op that COD has.  Sounded very cool without opening it up.


So you play as four dudes (FYI - JFK, Nixon, Fidel Castro, and another which I am sorry to the Americans, that I am unfamiliar with).  This is on the map called "FIVE"

Zombies crash through windows in the oval office, crash through doors.  They're coming in all over the place.  After about 5 waves, it starts to get too much.. ARGH!!! So you have to run away downwards into a nearby elevator to tackle more zombies.

Anyway, it is very hard.  With four of us, it is way way too hard.  I am tempted to search online for a walkthrough helping hand instruction, but instead I am venting on me new bloggy with my first gamer post.

I am stating this now; if you enjoy playing zombie games, dont play this one!!

COD, stick to fighting the Ruskies and the Germans etc.  You do that great.  
I want to keep playing so very bad the Zombie bit, but, in my opinion, the area to run around in is just too tiny and you have to be very particular in everything you do in the game.  I cant be bothered, sorry.

Vent complete.  Perhaps in a few days/weeks I'll try to read a review/walkthrough and try again online with randoms.  But my buddies have just gone back to the game Killing Floor, or Killing Room (whatever its called), never to return!  Havent got that, so its off for tiddlywinks for me instead.

- tork