Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wii Play - Review

This is a review for the game Wii Play, available on the Wii console.

In my opinion, this game is a must have for any Wii owner's collection. Mine came with a second Wii controller.  These n00bs out there buying controllers that don't come with a game.  Pfft!  Pfft, I say to them!

This is a great game for all ages.  An awesome game for yourself or a small gathering.  You can play solo or with a friend.

There are several different games you can play.  There's Table Tennis, Cow Racing, Fishing, 9-ball, a Duck Hunt-like shooting game and an Awesome Tank game.

Ok, each game may not get solid gaming time out of it, it's great for a bit of fun at a party.  But, if you want a serious challenge on the Wii, Tanks!  This game in Wii Play is fantastic.  I've wasted a fair bit of time on it hehehe.

So if you have a Wii, make sure you grab this game.  If you already have this game, I just broke my Tanks! record and got 69.  I bet your fat-gamer's backside you can't beat my score :-)   Ahh.. 69, What a great number, I'm sure I can do better though! 

- tork