Saturday, December 25, 2010

John Safran vs Father Bob

Readers, I've been bothered by Twitter for the past few weeks.

As mentioned by Father Bob on several occasions on their joint radio venture via Triple J's Sunday Night Safran, the Padre is not happy that John has more followers than he does.  This also has concerned me.. i'm starting *insert drumroll here* A BLOG!!
I think Father Bob should have more followers than John Safran and I am aiming to make this so.  Safran must be cheating to get more followers.  Why wouldn't Father Bob have more followers with fantastic tweets such as this:


Rubber band pistol confiscated from algebra class 'cos it was a weapon of math disruption.

Father Bob has shown great commitment to his followers.  He has been trying noticeably hard over the past few tweets.  He deserves my help for more followers and he deserves your help too!

Father Bob, at age 76, needs to beat John Safran at age 38.

Make the decision yourself whom you should be following, one or the other!

I will declare John as not cheating twitter by whomever has the most followers by 1st of February 2011.

-23rd Dec 2010: John is leading with 5477 more followers
-3rd Jan 2011: Father Bob gains 209 more followers! But is behind by 5268
-4th Jan 2011: Father Bob gains 32 more followers! But is behind by 5236 
-8th Jan 2011: Father Bob gains 80 more followers! But is behind by 5156

Join me, and follow Father Bob on twitter by clicking HERE!  Ignore John Safran, lets win one for the oldies!! :-)

- tork