Saturday, December 11, 2010

Foxtel - Why do I have you?

Dear Foxtel,

I was trying to figure out why I still have you. I mean, you cost an exuberant amount of dollars and I hardly watch you anymore!

I used to have all your packages man, the sports package is a must, but you cost me almost $90 a month!  These days, free to air channels are increasing in numbers!!  They offer me all the shows that I watch on Arena, Comedy Channel, FOX8, all for for free!

According to, there are around 16 free to air channels on the digital network.  They are becoming fantastic.  I have watched you, my old friend Foxtel, perhaps once a week for 90 minutes over the past 2 months.  I have got rid of all my extra packages, but kept the sports package, so your only around $60 a month now.  During summer, all I am watching on Foxtel is the A-league.  Everything else is on free to air!

So Foxtel, mate.. you got to do something for me old pal.  I don't want to give you away because I love my A-League.  But that is all you are good for now!  When AFL starts up again, you'll serve a purpose (I hate adverts after a goal is scored on free to air, it drives me crazy), but until then, you are almost useless and I am paying a small fortune for something I am rarely using.

Why should I keep you? How are you going to improve?  The only things you seem to be changing are the increase of monthly cost and the increase of adverts.  You need to change, otherwise me might not see each other anymore, and that will be sad to lose a good old chum.  I doubt I am not the only person who is concerned of what you are offering.

Let me know what you have in mind, I'd be glad to hear it.  Hopefully we don't need to part ways.


- tork