Thursday, December 23, 2010

LOL vs Laughter

To the internet,

To everyone that uses the internet.  Anyone that has a Facebook account.  Anyone that uses Twitter.  Anyone whom has ever, or is ever likely to post something on the internet.  I have an important message that must be spread.


It massively sh*ts me.

As per wikipedia (referenced here), lol is the abbreviation for "Laugh Out Loud", as we all are more than likely familiar with.  it is internet slang.  It is an abbreviation to save typing and I hate it with a passion.

You will never see me type lol ever (obvious exclusion is this blog post, of course).  It has taken over our world and removed laughter from where it should be.

I've had teens/tweens say to me, to my face, "LOL" instead of actually laughing.  This is the saddest thing next to Warwick Capper trying to sing. hehehehe.
Do you see what I did there?  Instead of typing lol, I did a "hehehehehehe".  This is simply "h" and "e" together.  I term this as an actual laugh.  If you want to add a little oomf you can always extend the e's as such:


For substitutes for the also annoying ROFL and ROFLMAO, simply replace the e's with an a, like so:


If you want to add even more power behind your laugh, you can captialise the letters to get it a bit more strength.  You can even be a bit inventive like this:


This shows uncontrollable laughter where the letters arent uniformed and i've swapped and changed the e's and a's intermittenly.

So there you have it, lol is boring, lol is sad.  It's not Laugh Out Loud, its "Lord! oh, Lame!".

Please, laugh properly in your Facebook status.  Laugh properly in you Twitter. Don't let laughter turn into lol!  One day, your kids or your kids, kids will respond to your jokes as "lol".   Do you want to live in that world? I surely dont!!  HEHEHEHE. (see how fantastic it looks? ;-)

- tork

ps. if anyone dares posts a comment of "lol"  ..i swear.. im gonna lose it :-)