Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Father and Son

Photo © Andrey Kiselev |
Tonight, I had a moment that most parents might take for granted.

I held my baby boy over my shoulder and caught a glimpse of our reflection in my sliding door window.

Why is this so special to me?  Well, I hardly get to see that sort of thing.  My little lion cub is hooked up to oxygen tanks due to his difficulty in breathing, so he rarely gets moved around the house further than his oxygen tank or bedroom.

Yeah it's a bit weird, but I never can pick him up and put him in front of a mirror and just look at the both of us.

Anyway, I also am away from home working, like many dad's are, and I miss out on little moments like these.  Whenever I come home, the little champ is sleepy from a big day of games.

But whilst his oxygen was disconnected to be replaced with new specs, looking at our reflection I realised something I've known for a long time now.

I am a dad.  He is my son.

..and I am lucky.

Hopefully soon, as we've been told we might only have to keep him on oxygen at nights, we'll get to walk him around our whole home much easier.

And little moments that sometimes get taken for granted I might take for granted one day too.

I need more photos taken with me and my son. I want to look at them and smile at how much we look alike.

So don't take the little things for granted with your kids.  And to the stay at home mums, remember how lucky you are to spend at home with your kids, no matter how hard it sometimes can get.

- tork