Friday, August 26, 2011

My First Official Fathers Day Draws Near

(c) Torkona
My boy isn't one year old yet, so I am yet to have experienced an official Father's day.  I have already celebrated it once though.

Before I finally became a Dad, my wife was around a month or so pregnant.

After around a year of trying to get pregnant, I was sitting on my couch at home.  Let me rephrase that, laying on my couch (trying for a year or longer is like going into the desert without water, it drains you if you don't rest and replenish with fliuds).

But enough of the disturbing images, it was Fathers day last year when my wife finally had a pregnancy test that returned a positive result.

Best Fathers day ever.

But, that was an unofficial one, so I am looking forward to my real one.  Am I looking forward to perhaps a day off?  Going down the local golf course for a hit of golf with the lads perhaps?  Off to a local unnamed monopolistic hardware store to purchase some new toys maybe?

Pfft..  I'm spending it with my boy.  I don't want presents, I don't want any gifts.  Well, they would be fantastic actually, I would like some more plants for my gardening, but thats not what I want Father's day to be all about.

I want Father's day to be all about the BBQ

Maybe not for this Father's day, as my wife and I are completely exhausted after the last few weeks.  But eventually, I want just BBQs either at home or out and about.  Gifts & hugs are what the chicks do.

Men!  We cook meat!  Red meat.  And we burn it.


Then we kick the footy or play some cricket.  Perhaps turn on the computers and fight mighty online battles against each other.

I really am looking towards the future too much though.  I think I am just a wee bit excited.

Until he grows older, for now, I guess I am just looking forward to sitting on that couch again and remembering my last Father's day and realizing how far we've come.  From sitting on my couch exhausted, but relieved to sitting on my couch a year later exhausted...

..but watching my boy talking and rolling over all round our lounge room floor.

Yep, can't wait for that.  But if the wife really wants to get me that Bunnings voucher, I wouldn't turn a blind eye to it ;-)

- tork