Monday, August 22, 2011

Remember Those Days

Dad Poem - from the words of a Father

It has been tough, life, sometimes.
You look back on days past and remember days that were care free.
Days where you could take the long walk home, away from the beaten path.
Days where you smelt the air without a waft of car fumes.
I remember those days well.

Now, as time goes by, as the days age to where you age,
Bills mount high and nappies rise higher.
Stress exists where it should not.
You realise you need to let go.
You realise you need to remember those days that were care free.

Where days were lost in adventures amongst the hillside.
And nights were toasted until the morning ended them.
Where heart to hearts were talked if days like these would ever exist.
Whether you'd have those that love you around you.
With a family that is yours around you.

When stress gets you down, remember those days.
That is who you were and who you still are.
You forget where you've been when you lose where you are.
Remember to turn around and look at where you've been.
But remember to turn back around to where you are going.

- Torkona

This was inspired by Jessica at Finding One's Way, where she amazed me with her Thursday Dedication to me in March this year. (no, I hadn't forgotten)

I turned around and looked at where I've been with this blog of mine. Whenever I want to stop blogging, I remember Jess's post.  It reminds me that I may not have the worlds largest amount of followers, but I sure do have some of the best.  Just like you, right now, that managed to get themselves all the way down to this sentence in the post.  You're awesome and you're one of the reasons why I keep blogging.

Now I can turn back around and face forwards and see where this strange dad blog is going to take us :-)

- tork