Saturday, August 20, 2011

Receding Mature Hairline, Why My Baby Has It

We are past the four months old stage and my young baby boy still has his baby receding hairline.

And the number of queries from Google I've been getting about this has been astounding.  I think it is time to figure this out.

Why Do Babies Have Receding Hairlines?

Good question.  Too bad it's one that no one knows the answer too!

I figure it is just luck of the draw, that it just happens.

As I've come to learn, babies are born with varying amounts of hair on their head.  My boy was born with a faint amount that covered his whole noggin, except for at the front where his hair was 'receding' to the left and right sides adjacent to the middle.

But after babies are born, the hair tends to either fall out or rub off due to them laying on their backs all the time. My little lion cub has an awesome mullet currently at the nape of his neck.  That part never hits the mattress :-)

Don't Worry, it's Not Permanent

The hair takes its time to grow.  I've known babies that can take a year or longer to get lengths of hair on their heads.  It will grow in, so don't worry about it.

So if you've landed here from anywhere in Google land, worry about what school they will attend or whether they will end up becoming a Justin Beiber fan.  These things are way more important to worry about.

I guess I am a little concerned for my boy though.  I had a receding hairline when I was his age.  My hair grew in, but it is now starting to recede just like it looked back as a baby.  So this is an apology to my boy if his hair does recede when he's my age.

"Don't blame me kid, blame your grandpa for your crappy hair genes!"

- tork