Monday, August 15, 2011

Why Doctors Can Sit On it and Rotate

It's Officially Unofficial.

My boy does not have vocal cord palsy!

I've never heard a baby his age talk so much, although, I haven't been around a kid his age that much!

I have arguments with him..

Me: "Ga-wa wa wa wa gurgle"

Him:  "Hee hee hee"

Me: "Waa ga ga waaaaa!!"

Him: "Gurgle waaaaaoooooaaaaa Gggggg"

Me: "Ok, you win"

It is a beautiful thing.

Any other parents would be sick of him, laying on his back in his portacot, talking to himself all day long.

To us, it is like listening to Mozart for the first time, way back in the 1700's.  It's something beautiful that we've been longing to hear.

To the Doctors that jumped to conclusion of him having Vocal Cord Palsy and stressing us out for his first few months of life: you can go eat a big fat one my friends..

His "Lah's" and "Da's" are being said way before any other kids his age.

Phew!  So it's not official, as in, not out of the mouth of a doctor, but they are as useful as a 'No Graffiti' sign at a skate park. I don't need a doctor to tell us his cords work :-)

Now we are looking forward to getting the Oxygen off his face over the coming weeks.  Here's hoping that will happen too!

- tork