Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Check out From Boardroom to Babies

Hey there..

So I was recently contacted by a brand new blogger, From Boardroom to Babies.

Ahh, I remember being a new blogger.  Gun-ho, weary eyed and excited for future prospects.

But I was just after people to link me, to give me a bit of traffic. To tell people that I existed!

Well, I'm all about sharing and caring, especially for newbies on the scene, and this blog looks like it is going to be popular in no time.  I just want to make it clear..

..i found her first, I found her first! :-)

Check out Coming Home After a Caesarian. A guide for dads on how to look after their wife after such an operation. Very useful.

So go check her out.  If your new to blogging also, get in touch and I'd love to help you out too.

You never know your luck, I might give you a SEO love blog post too :-)

All the best Mel!

- tork