Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just Random Thoughts to Share With You

Really uncertain where this post is going to go.


Facebook.  A site where I push like upon a whole bunch of pages similar to my own site.  The success of other parent's sites is amazing.

But jealousy is one cruel mother.

It's just a stupid like on a page for gods sake!

I should be doing real work at home and not counting all these likes on popular sites!

Anyway.. the delving I did into requesting friends to hit like upon my page.. it grew to the knowing of friends once liking my page now no longer liking it.

Man, I wish I never saw that.  Honest people, lovely folk. I wonder just how annoying I sometimes might be that they took the effort to unlike me.

I hate Facebook.  You bastard.

Twitter!  Now there is a lovely friend.  Never a day passes where a little "tweet" noise hits my phone.  I love getting tweets.

Love it.

Facebook... Grrrr! You ugly step sister *shakes fist*

Why can't you be more like Twitter where people love following me and saying "Hi! How's the family?"

I wish I understood you better Facebook, but like family, I must accept you for who you are.

That annoying half cousin that always asks you what colour shoes you are wearing.

You don't make sense to me but I suppose I'll still play ball with you in the park..

Yeah.. so.. ok.. that was weird.

If you know how Facebook works, hit LIKE on my facebook page :-)

Think I might have a wee beverage with bubbles in it.

- tork