Monday, April 9, 2012

This Aussie dad is a proud blogger

So I was having an off day after having looked at the recent Kid Spot Top 50 bloggers in Australia. Not one single male in the whole list.  And also reading their judging criteria, point two of their criteria states this:

  • 2) Community
The judges also looked at how well the blogger engages with her audience with comments and questions, both on her blog and off-site on platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

How well the blogger engages with her audience, both on her blog and offsite platforms.

It's disappointing, being a popular parenting site. Anyway, thought I'd share with you a tweet I did via @Torkona3.

Just realised how bad my grammar was.. "what keeps my going"?  Bah! Stoopid keyboard ;-)

So even though I might not ever get recognition dad blogging, I've moved past the whole "oi, look over at me! I babble about parenting stuff too!" I'm doing it to reflect on memories for the future, for the odd bit of dollars to feed my family, and the free booze in the mail (thanks WineSelectors hehehe).

Am I bitter or jealous though? Sure..

Would I be happier with this sort of recognition?  Honestly.. nahh.  At least, not any more.

Like I said, what keeps me going is my passion in life as a father in Australia land. As long as time permits, I'll be pushing these buttons on my keyboard, trying to not let anything bother me.

But before I go, the Kid Spot Top 50 competition is still a great idea.  If there is anyone I would suggest you voting for, it's A Baby Called Max.  Vote for her here.  All the best Cherie!

- tork