Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guest Post from Just a Dizzy Dad

I want to showcase more sites these days.  If I find someone's blog great, I'm going to show it to you, especially if they are new or crave exposure.

So let me introduce to you Just a Dizzy Dad. A dad who I thought was an Australian dad blogger like myself.  Only recently did I realise he was American.  God I'm a slow one..

But in my books, that's a great compliment.  I assumed because he is down to earth and all about his kid that he was an Aussie.  He's unlike other US blogs I have seen, which is refreshing. A simple blog that just talks about his daily dadding life :-)

I'm lucky enough to have him guest post for me, so here it is.


Just a Dizzy Dad: First off, I am a stay at home dad, and I love being able to stay home and watch the boy grow and learn. It is somehow amusing, heartbreaking, and absurd all at the same time, and the material I post on my blog stems from my everyday life events.

You never know what you’re going to get.

P.s. Thank you Tork for letting me guest post! I am amazingly honored!

That Impostor Stole MY Hug

Well, yesterday was certainly interesting. Pizzly mistook some other mom for Mama Bear, not just for a moment either, but for around an hour. To be fair, the resemblance was certainly uncanny. Even I got confused when I first glanced across the park and spotted this Mama Bear impostor pushing a stroller towards us!

But, unlike the Pizzmeister, I quickly determined that it was not in fact Mama Bear.

After all, why would Mama Bear go to the park with someone else's little girl, cute as she was? Mama Bear already has her own cute little boy to play with. He's sitting next to me lapping up chicken noodle soup like a good little puppy right now as I type this.

So, why on earth would she hijack someone else's bratling?

Anyway, just because I knew it wasn't Mama Bear doesn't mean that Pizzly didn't know it, and I am really glad that this young lady and her daughter were so incredibly nice about it! In fact, they are the first two to ever come and play with us at the park when Mama Bear wasn't with us.

I don't know, maybe Pizzly informally adopting them might have had something to do with it, but I doubt it.

What truly matters though is that the Pizzmeister had a great time, his new little pal was having a great time, and even the little girl's mom was having fun. I, on the other hand, didn't really matter that much and was starting to get a little jealous.


Because, usually, the boy runs up to me and insists that I hug him and kiss him off and on throughout the day, including while at the park. And, if he should fall and get an ouchie? I am the "go to guy," unless of course Mama Bear is home. Then I'm chopped liver.

But, today was a different story. Instead of running up to me and getting his hugs and kisses on, he went to The Impostor, a stranger he just met!

At first, I was alright with it. I even laughed and shrugged it off, and then it went too far.

Poor Pizzly fell off of an obstacle and bumped his poor little head. Of course, I held my arms out and got ready for the "I need you to make me feel better hug," but did the little brat want me? No. Instead, he ran over to The Impostor!

To her credit, she looked a little embarrassed and sad for me because my kid chose her over me for comfort, but she still picked him up and kissed his head to make it feel better, like any mom probably would.

That made it better for the boy, but it didn't make it better for me.

"How dare this nice young woman steal my hugs away from me?!" I thought to myself. Those "I need you to comfort me" hugs are what I live for!

Otherwise, I don't get any hugs, and I needs me some hugs!

Man, I was so jealous! I even told her I was jealous that's how jealous I was. Then I called her a "Toddler love stealing Thief!" She laughed at me.

But, this was no joke! She stole that hug from me like a thief in the night! That might have been the best hug I'd have gotten from him all week too!

Usually, I get stuck with the "Daddy leave me be!" hugs where I am so desperate for a hug or a cuddle I have to sneak it up on him before he pushes me away. The last thing I need is some Impostor stealing my one chance for a decent hug from him.

Then, as if that wasn't enough to ruin my day, The Impostor made him cry like someone had just killed his puppy in front of him when she left the park. It was truly heart wrenching and humorous in a sick and twisted kind of way.

This rad lady and her daughter said goodbye and started walking away when Pizzly decided to chase after them crying "No, Mommy! No Leave Me!" That of course stopped her in her tracks, and it looked like she was starting to get teary eyed too, which made me start to giggle of course because I'm a dick, and this situation was totally absurd.

Eventually, I caught up to Pizzly, picked him up, told him that that wasn't Mama Bear and that Mama Bear went to work and would be home soon after his nap after lunch, but did he believe me? Nope.

So, when Rad Mom and her rad daughter went to leave again Pizzly had a melt down, total shit fit, hysterical crying tantrum! I mean this was the worst tantrum he had ever tossed. Then, as Impostor Mom got further away he started crying inconsolably, screaming out "MAMA!!! I WANT MAMA!!" as he was holding his little hands out towards her. It was truly moving.

Unfortunately, this crying session lasted for 45 minutes and could only be cured by the production of a lemonade flavored Popsicle ready for consumption. I am glad I had some on hand.

Note to self: Must get more lemonade flavored Popsicles!

P.s. Thank you rad Mama Bear look a like for playing with us at the park even if it did cause lots of drama. It means a lot to us, knowing that people like you will give us a chance before deciding to run in fear from us.