Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dad and Son Poem - Shadow Games

Bear with me.. because I'm in the mood for writing some poetry :-)

Shadow Games

It was there as any other night, with son clasping upon his shoulder,
Dark figures against the wall catches eye of young and older.
Yet these figures of darkness are not as bleak as it could maybe seem.
They catch the eye of dad and son, a new game they haven't seen.

The light is dim above the earth, but bulb sure lights things bright.
And with this bulb does each one see their shadows of the night.
A snigger from the son, a grin bore from the dad.
A game not seen is this house of shadow puppets with the lad.

But bedtime nears when day turns night and sleepiness rears it's head.
But fighting sleep is what is done when playing with your dad.
A wave at your shadow on a wall, not knowing what it is,
A great new game for dad and son, in age they'd surely miss.

Now time to rest as Autumn breeze sweeps coolly through the night.
All snug and tucked up warm in bed for son to sleep tonight.
As dad reminds himself this night how lucky that he is.
With photographs of memories of dad and son... of an age he'll surely miss.

- tork