Saturday, April 14, 2012

I am a nominee for Sydney Writer's Blogger of the Year

It would seem I am a nomiee for the Sydney Writer's Australian blog of the year!

Sure I am one of many, but, well, that's still exciting now, isn't it?

I'm up for the people's choice award. It goes to the most popular. So, won't you vote for me? :-)

Click me --->  People's choice award  <--- Click me

I'm on page 5 in the T-Z section.. (once your past every blog that starts with "THE" heheehe)

I just want an honourable mention of some description!

Let's see how we go.. let me know if you vote for me and I'll tweet your blog (if you have one) in return.

If the beautiful and/or handsome judges are reading this, thanks for simply honouring me with your eyes to read upon this stuff that I write. ...mum always told me, flattery will get you everywhere. :-)

 Wish me luck! And good luck all the others in the Parenting category.

- tork