Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day Hangover 2011


bLErg!! It's only Thursday, that's not fair.

Another holiday has come and gone.  Australia Day done for another year. A day off from the rat race cooking a BBQ, hanging with mates, playing the Xbox and whinging about what song came in at number 1 of the Hottest 100.  My usual Aussie day tradition!

I haven't got a hangover, I 've got a holiday hangover.  Too much enjoying myself and not working, giving me aches and pains, knowing work is on again today.  *sigh* At least there is only two more days of it! ... YERS!!!!

What did you do to celebrate Australia day? Have you a holiday hangover as well? Or are you from overseas and would like to know more of what Australia Day means to us Aussies?

Drop us a line, I'd love to know if this morning you are struggling as much as I am, or what you did to celebrate the day.

Now, time for a coffee (ok brain, left foot forward, then right foot. Repeat until standing in front of coffee making device).

- tork