Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is it worthwhile playing Rift?


Today, I've landed myself an invitation to have a go at the BETA for a new upcoming MMORPG called Rift.

Trailer looks great, action scenes sound awesome.  It looks graphically fantastic and I can hardly wait.

But am I going to be disappointed just like I was with my first MMORPG Warhammer Online, a game where there were so many bugs and a crap end game? I haven't played a massive multiplayer since. Do I want to spend hour after hour chasing creatures for loot, levels, and attacking other online players with satisfying final blows?

The answer is "hell yes". Rift looks like the game for me.  After a few hours on Beta, I will put up a review.

But, do I have the time to be able to play online gaming, now that I am a soon to be parent? There are more important things coming along now than trying to keep up a character's level to join my guildies.

Do you always have to give up the things you loved when you become a parent for good?  Love to know how other parents have kept on gaming whilst having kids.  There is no pause button in online gaming when a kid starts crying!

Baby is going to be the most important focus point in my life, and I have the feeling I am not going to give a shit about any online games after little squirt comes along, hehehehe.

But for now, Rift Beta. Perhaps a year after it comes it out I'll be ready for gaming again and will know for certain if they game is any good :-)

Still undecided though whether or not it is worthwhile playing Rift..

- tork