Saturday, January 22, 2011

Third Trimester - It's slowly starting to sink in

When does it finally start to sink in that you are having a baby?

The wife is in her third trimester and little squirt has been kicking away for ages now. But, as the father, I rarely get a chance to feel it squirm.  Well, not as much as mummy does!  Not being the one that is pregnant doesn't always remind you that you are expecting a child very soon.

So, when is a good time to freak out that you are soon to be a parent?  Well, I think it's when the cot actually arrives and you start to put it together.  Ours arrived today, but I am yet to put it together.

I've been staring at the cot every now and then, just pondering what life is going to be like.  Also wondering how much effort I'm gonna need to convert a flat pack into a baby's bed.

I think it is starting to set it, but for a while still I'd like to breathe easy and not touch the cot.  I'd just like to sit back and be as I have before being pregnant, before it will probably all sink in.

Just to take in my last moments of my previous life before we bring a pooping machine into this world.

As a suggestion to new mums & dads expecting their first born:

Reflect on your past before you become a parent. But don't wait too long until you start building it's cot.

Tomorrow, I will build the cot...

..and I cannot wait ;-)

- tork