Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RE: John Safran vs Father Bob


This is a response post to my original post: John Safran vs Father Bob

Okay, so since my first post of Father Bob, I decided an update is in order.

Father Bob is catching John Safran in the race to the most twitter followers by 1st of February 2011!!  He is gaining an average of 20 followers per day.  This would be a gain of approximately 520 followers in the time frame left.  Multiply that figure by 10 and that is the amount of followers we need.  5200 more followers!!!

But I've also figured out how Safran is cheating.  At their homepage, Safran has made his link to his twitter above Father Bob's!  And with the fickle youth of today, they follow Safran but get easily distracted and forget to follow the Padre! Solid evidence of Safran cheating twitter!

So, we need to pick up the pace.  If you follow Father Bob on twitter, hash tag #FatherBob and link back here if you seriously want to help speed things up.  Word needs to spread as quickly as possible! I want to start trending this cause to win the race!

Come on guys, this is just a bit of fun!! Lets help Bob beat Safran!  Be a part of something awesome! Father Bob will have this over Johnny Safran for a long time if we can do it! hehehe.

So tweet, re-tweet, hash-tag #FatherBob, forward this page, whatever you can do, it needs to be done to speed things up!!

Look back at my original post here if you want a reminder on the cause: John Safran vs Father Bob

Join me, and follow Father Bob on twitter by clicking HERE!  Ignore John Safran, lets win one for the oldies!! :-)

- tork