Sunday, January 16, 2011

I want a Hoverboard!


So there are a lot of new gadgets out there these days that we didn't think possible decades ago.  There's the iPod, Mobile Phones, Justin Bieber..

But, why don't we yet have Hoverboards??  The movie trilogy Back To The Future showed us that by 2015 we will be using Hoverboards as a replacement to the skateboards.  In the late 80's, this got everyones imagination running wild!  Especially mine.

So where are they?   Why haven't we heard about any prototypes?  Why aren't I hovering over water at great 'knots' to escape from baddies?

Well, I can see a few issues:

1. The issue of building them
Would they actually work? Is it actually possibly? It must still be a difficult task to create a board that will lift you off the ground and push you into a certain direction that you want to go, at least in the outside world.

I'm not the most scientific guy going around, but wouldn't at least a powerful magnet at the base of the board be enough to repel away from another magnet beneath the board?  For example, a large, flat area where the ground surface was a strong magnet and the board had the magnets of the opposite force to repel.  There could be a venue similar to roller rinks or ice skating rinks that you could go to to use these!  Oh, am I giving away a massively popular business idea that could take off world wide?  Hey, if someone wants to go ahead and build these, then DO IT!  That's what I want!!

But surely some technology exists to build these boards.  Hey, if Celine Dion can still sell records, surely anything is possible!!

2. Safety Issues
Yes, these hoverboards (if possible to build) would surely be a dangerous item to use.  But, so can bicycles.  So can, Roller skates and Skateboards.  A hoverboard though might be a tricky thing to stop moving forwards or backwards.  This would be tricky to overcome. Perhaps a foot button you press? Ah ha! Problem solved!  Yes, no?

3. Illegal Usage
I can see the headlines; "Man uses Hoverboard to break into premises".  They could quite possibly be used to lift yourself over someones high security fence to gain access to your stuff to nick it!  This would be one reason why they probably already exist but are sitting in a Government warehouse somewhere marked "Top Secret". There are unfortunately people in the world that will take any advantage to get what they want, such as stealing your goods.

Anyway, what do you think.  Do you think its high time Hoverboards make their way on to the market? Do you think they are possible, or is it all just a pipe dream stemmed from another Hollywood fad.

Look at this embedded YouTube clip below of an artist that has built one.  Looks great! I want it.

Well, in any case, if the Back To The Future movie is right, they will be awesome! Hopefully, one day... Man, I sincerely hope it happens.

- tork